The Future of North Korea

The “Hermit Kingdom” is the last state of its kind. Trapped in the past, it can only last for so long. The secretive country is, at present, ruled by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un with an iron grip; however, such a regime is untenable. It has been 75 years since its conception in 1948 and the Communist state has outlived others of its kind, due to the inhumane methods used to keep its citizens under control and quash the grassroots of revolution.

Many North Koreans have become disenchanted with the regime, notably due to the (events) preceding the crippling famine and the “Arduous March” itself in 19—-. By that stage, it had become apparent that the state was not only incapable of living up to its promises, but that “Juche”, Kim’s flagship policy of self-reliance, had effectively failed. 

How does one go about a revolution when foreign information is so scarce? The border regions do have greater access to foreign media than many others, owing to their proximity to China, where, compared to North Korea, information is bountiful. Indeed, no matter how hard the North Korean authorities try to pull the wool over its citizens’ eyes, it is impossible for them to prevent the dissemination and influence of foreign media and information within the country. 

North Korea is arguably a time bomb, and once the stars align / the right combination of catalysts take effect, the people of the Hermit Kingdom will be able to create their own destiny by overthrowing the Kim regime. When this day comes, we must all do our utmost to help North Koreans integrate into the modern world and overcome the traumas they have experienced. Simply throwing money at a cause is not enough; many North Korean defectors living in South Korea are unhappy and do not find themselves accepted by their South Korean counterparts. 

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